Art is the greatest way of communication I found!

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Help save a horse!

A friend of mine is trying to gather money for an emergency surgery for her amazing 3-year-old horse, who got very badly harmed.

The poor made cut herself a tendon to her back leg and can’t live without the surgery!

Every person who donate will get a free sketch from me!

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I want to make an art book someday!!

I also want to make that comic/little graphic novel I’be been meaning to work on for ages but never have enough time. My style has changed so much since I did the first 5 pages I’m gonna have to redo everything hahaha

I’m also so…

Goodluck with all these projects :D I can’t wait to see more of your art!! And also, I hope you’re gonna have  avery nice time back in Finland <3

And well, thank you so much for the icon <3 I am fond of it I can’t thank you enough for it! 

Have a nice day :3

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Intuos 5 sucks

by lauraacan

 Hi everyone

I just need to vent a bit and also I hope my experience will help others, or that this journal might bring me some help.

In November 2012 I bought an intuos 5 M (Touch edition) and I love this tablet, it works fine and I really used it a lot. But after 6 months it got broken, it was always disconnecting itself from my computer. I told Wacom, they didn’t help me at all, but the place where I bought it replaced it for free.

Now With my second Intuos 5, I have an eeevvvennn worst problem: it doens’t work anymore at all. When i plug it to my computer, the dot doesn’t even light up O.o I wait 2 weeks before I come back home and wil

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